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Traditional method

We offer components for traditional method sparkling wine production. We cooperate with italian company Barida. 

Bottle Necks Freezer ICE  32/160. 
Production up to 800 bottles per hour. Manually loadingand unloading of bottles. Machine is made from stainless steel. 

Machine for: Disgorging, dosage of liquer and leveling with wine with production up to 150 bottles per hour. Machine ATLAS is operated manually. 

Or we offer automatic version with production capacity 300 bottles per hour ( MUIMA 200).

We also offer semi-automatic machine for:

  • Disgorging
  • Partial emptying
  • Dosage of liqueur
  • Levelling with wine
  • Corking (Champagne caps)
  • Wire-hooding

Production capacity is 200-300 bottles per hour and machine is made from AISI 304. 

We also offer  Riddling cages complete with 6 sides sparkling wine bottles.

Cages can be folded down for easy storage and transport.
Cages for special size bottles available on demand.
Cages are in galvanized steel for long lasting use and can sustain continuous use in machines.

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