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Unicom presses

Pneumatic presses UNICOM offer considerate way of grapes pressing. Pressing with low pressure fundamentaly lessen mechanic damage of grapes and ensures high quality of gained must. 

UNICOM presses contains: 


  • this system allows quick and easy cleaning of pressdrum

Central control unit

  • PLC unit with operator and colour touch screen
  • In menu are 5 programmes, everyone has 3 phases
  • Each phase has different pressure, press time and seperation time

Sliding gate

  • solid construction with zipper for hermetic closure of pressdrum.
  • thanks to size and position is loading and clearance very easy

Central filling

  • serves to press loading through mash pump and ensures maximal use of drum capacity also in proces of rotation

System of closed press

  • this system allows to do maceration in press and by own dressing comes to minimal must oxidation

System of open press 

  • thanks easy and quick removable mantle, can be press at short notice rebuild to open system. For dismantling there is no need any tools.

Collecting tank

  • mobil, with sufficient capacity for must or matoline
  • automatics for pump switching

Standardní equipment

  • control unit with 5 programmes
  • mobil collecting tank
  • inbuilt airpump

Optional equipment

  • automatics for pump switching for must pumping
  • central filling with globe valve
  • audio alarm for full press

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