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Flotation unit

Flotation unit Flotation unit

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Della Toffola’s FLN flotation units are wheel-mounted mobile models consisting of a saturation unit, peristaltic dosing pumps, an electric control panel and a prefilter. They are easy to use and their mobility makes them indispensable in medium-to-small wineries for completing flotation processes in batches.

Using these models, clarification takes place in two tanks: in the first the must is added together with an adjuvant and saturated with nitrogen or air until the lees separate and rise to the surface, leaving the clarified liquid below; the clarified must is then poured into the second tank ready to be forwarded to the fermentation stage.

The dosage of the adjuvants is fully automated.

A laboratory saturator can also be provided as an optional accessory, with a capacity of approximately 2.5 L, for assessing the quantity of adjuvant to add to the grape must for flotation.

The FLN floatation units are extremely reliable and durable, and the versatility offered by their mobile frame and stainless steel base have made them a great success and wide-used in all types of wineries.

Models available from 100 to 300 hl/h.

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