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Elipompa 200

The pump structure is totally built using carpentry techniques and is fitted onto a tank with a screw feeder. All parts are in inox AISI 304 steel. The elliptical rotor is made of a higly resistant thermo-plastic material.

It is wheel-mounted, thus making it easier to move in cellar areas and has a simple vibrationdamping device which gives a high degree of stability when it is stationary during work phases. The pump is suitable for the transfer of whole or pressed grapes and of fresh or fermented dregs. The product is introduced into the pump body by the feeder and it is here, as a result of the combined action of the rotor and perimetral shim adjustment valve, that is pushed towards the exit and conveyed to its destination by means of pipes. The product is transferred by a compressive action and not by a centrifugal force, thus giving a high quality end-product.

Should the "ELIPOMPA" be used with high heads or with long pipe stretches, it is advisable to fit the machine with a discharge equalizing tank so as to reduce stress and increase stability.

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