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Sheet filter FC600

Sheet filter FC600 Sheet filter FC600

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Beer filtering requires particular care and attention. the 600 x 600 Della Toffola filter cardboard filtres are produced  according to sector requirements using the very best materials and components and technology developed over 25 years. These excellent quality high reliabilty cardboard filtres are suitable for bottling lines can be used succesfully both for high hourly production rates and for the filtering of special beers wich requires greater attention and appopriate working times. In both cases the optimum physical-chemical and biological characteristic required for beer filtering are guaranted. Filtering can be performed using only plates witch cardboard or with plates, cardboard and frames for kieselgur, by simply adding an inversion plate, the two systems can be used simultaneously. 

Starting up the filter is simple and quick enabling you to obtain a perfect filtration in very little time. At the end of the work cycle, machine resetting and sterilization with steam or CIP methods are  eay and quick. Filters are made entirely in 18/10 stainless steel including the plates and frame.  Closure of the filter pack with hydraulic piston and motorized pump.Control panel incorporated in filter. Full stream valves of sturdy reliable construction of accurate long-lasting operation. Complete set of valves for sterilization. 

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