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CMA Grape selection vibrating table

CMA Grape selection vibrating table CMA Grape selection vibrating table
CMA Třídící stůl SV800

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Structure completely made in stainless steel AISI 304. The grapes move forward thanks to the vibration of the horizontal surface. Draining grill in the first part of the surface. Dividers on the length of the table facilitate the separation and the moving forward of the damaged bunches. On wheels for ease of movement in the winery and can be positioned, during operation, of 4 feet adjustable in height. electrical panel with electronic speed control, which allows you to quickly change the forward movement speed of the product. Power installed kW 0.6.

SV800 x 2.5Surface Width 800 mm – surface length 2.5 m
SV800 x 3.0Surface Width 800 mm – surface length 3.0 m
SV800 x 3.5Surface Width 800 mm – surface length 3.5 m
SV800 x 4.0Surface Width 800 mm – surface length 4.0 m
 deductionTable without separation dividers
deductionStůl without wheels
 increaseTable with second output grill

Hooper1400 × 1400 mm

Hooper 1400 × 1500 mm
SV800 x 3.0 - TASurface width 800 mm – surface length 3.0 m

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